Foto: Irja Lehtonen

We have started feline genetic research in the University of Helsinki, Finland. Our aim is to collect DNA samples, clinical data and pedigree information from cats with different inherited diseases.

Potential gene discoveries will help us to devise DNA markers and tests, which can be used to reliably distinct affected, carrier and healthy cats. This will help the breed clubs to redesign the breeding programs to start systemically to prevent or eradicate the disease in the breed.

It is important for the success of the projects that the owners and breeders participate openly and actively with the research group to help getting enough DNA samples and information to ensure sufficient data for disease gene identification.

To be able to conduct these studies, we need as many blood samples as possible from the affected cats and their healthy relatives. The more samples we get, the faster we can proceed. All the cat and owner identification will be handled strictly confidentally, and not revealed to any third party.

Although the research group is responsible for the major funding of the projects, we welcome also any external help.

We wish an open and fruitful collaboration with all cat owners, breeders and friends, and welcome as many sample as you can contribute for the projects. Together we can now start to advance the healthiness of our cats!

The research project is headed by Hannes Lohi, Professor in veterinarial molecular genetics.

For more information, please email hannes.lohi(at)